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Emergency management planning?


Our physical assessments identify and evaluate internal/external weaknesses, organize the threats, and suggest cost effective solutions based on their likelihood and impact.

  • Access Control Systems

  • Alarm Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Lock and Key Management

  • Perimeter Systems

  • Safety Systems

  • Visitor Entry, Verification, and Management Procedures


CheganSRM Vulnerability analysis reports
Pyramid Services.png

  • Retail & Commercial

  • Manufacturing & Other Multi-Use Facilities

  • Medical Facilities (inc; abortion clinics)

  • Transport Agencies

  • Places of Worship

  • Government Buildings

  • Parking Lots

  • Schools

Concerned about security breeches  or the reputation of your brand or business?

Delaying proactive measures that secure the survival of your business could negate insurance claims should a subsequent investigations reveal your department (or contracted security service) were not maintaining compliance.

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