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Expert Witness

Firearms, guard services, entities and private citizens.


Referrals, testimonies and investigation assistance with situations involving firearms, edged weapons or fisticuffs (hand-to-hand combat). Technical assistance, tactical and corporate environments including policymaking.


Is your organization adopting increased security measures?  Policy making and Standard Operating Procedure writing or training services available.


Legal defense services include; escalation of force, operating under duress, personal protection and self-defense.


• Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate organizations, Private entities, BSIS security agents.


Assistance for private citizens or legal representatives seeking genuine advice, including complex matters or those a sensitive nature. Client discretion is of upmost importance.


Specialist advice for Front Line Services including Emergency Medical services or other tactical environments operating acting under duress or complex environments.



“No matter how thin its sliced, there will always be two sides”

­– Baruch Spinoza, philosopher

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