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Cyber, tactical, coordination and other services including policymaking, continuity, or contingency planning.


Define the problem. Each environment is faced with unique challenges, a network of expertise in specialist subjects can provide solutions and problem solving to complex challenges.

Who, What, When, Where Why?


Terrorism in the Commercial Sector


Who’s culpable?

Risk Communication

Are you or your subordinates aware of all the dangers in your place of business?


What were the extenuating or prevailing conditions?

Expert Witness R v Turnball


  • Increase efficiency and lower operating costs by optimization location and device.

  • Identify recognize, observe detect and monitor your site plan. Minimize dead zones and update the security posture at your premise.

  • Estimate network bandwidth and calculate HDD storage space.

Investigative services, workplace disputes and Contract Management


An ounce of prevention’s better than a pound of cure. Behavior is influenced by company culture; a toxic environment decreases productivity leading to bad routines and high turnover rates. A community is built on trust and leadership. A company that trains together stays together.

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